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We host 3 types of Sweaty Mama Class…

Sweaty Mama Class

Sweaty Mama is a unique and effective way to exercise with your child. No need to organise childcare, Sweaty Mama allows you to bond with your child whilst you undertake the workout, utilising their weight to intensify the exercise. Over the course of sessions, you gradually build up your fitness level and strengthen your core to rehabilitate your body after having a child. A fab, fun workout to upbeat music both you and your child will love!*

Sweaty Mama Class

Sweaty Mama Bootcamp

Sweaty Mama Bootcamp is a female only, fun and feisty workout held locally in a park near you. We undertake effective circuits at high intensity to raise Human growth hormone and assist in efficient fat burning! Combining various workouts to keep you on your toes, Sweaty Mama Bootcamps are an ideal way to workout in a safe & friendly environment with other Mamas, motivating each other to work hard whilst having a laugh and seeing great results*

Sweaty Mama Bootcamp

Sweaty Mamilates

Pre Natal, Post Natal, or just on your own, we have 3 types of Mamilates class.  Sweaty Mamilates are low impact sessions focusing on core strength, balance, flexibility and relaxation with low and high options which support and gradually build your strength and fitness. Each session also has pre and post-natal adaptations for all our Mamas and Mamas to be. With various exercises focusing on controlled breathing, relaxation, strengthening, re- balance and toning which will aid birth, help with recovery after birth, repair diastasis recti and strengthen the pelvic floor.

Sweaty Mamilates



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You can wear anything comfortable, gym wear or leggings and t-shirt with trainers.  You can get quite warm during the session so bring a top over your tee/vest that you can easily remove as you warm up.

Bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated and if suitable for the age of your child a sling/carrier.  This is optional and all tracks can be undertaken without.

We work Sweaty Mama on a 6 week continual course, so that you get to know the other Mamas and children but also so you can build up the exercises each week as you get fitter and stronger.  The course is £35 for 6 weeks. If you have a bad night, or need to swap groups we are happy to be flexible should you need to.  We would just need you to let us know so that we can check availability of other groups.

Sweaty Mama is a 45 minute session incorporating a warm up, a mixture of fun cardio tracks and some effective resistance & core strength tracks too. We do some floor work and interact throughout the session so that the children are entertained.  We encourage Mamas to come a little early to get settled and relax in the friendly environment with like minded Mamas.  As well as the workout we do have a great, safe community for our Mamas.

We have Mamas undertake Sweaty Mama with older children from 4/5 years old into the Teens!  The workouts are easily adapted to suit the age and weight of the child.  They may even enjoy partaking with you, joining in marching and squatting to the music!  Feel free to bring along a few toys or entertainment as a back-up in case you child wishes to sit to the side.  There is no set rule at Sweaty Mama, we just adjust to make sure you get the most out of your workout!

Not at all!  Younger babies are more suitable in a carrier as this allows them to stay close to Mum, however older children may be free-held or held for only part of the workout.  You may find you get more out of the workout as you can use your upper body also.

Absolutely! We have many older, more mobile children who attend Sweaty Mama. We encourage them to join in but the key is that it is a relaxed and friendly environment so you can be comfortable.  They can join in, have cuddles or happily play, eat a snack etc.  We find that after the first session they do get more comfortable in the class and begin to make friends with the other children too!




Sweaty Mama - Exercise class with child

The 4 corners of the Sweaty Mama routine will help get your body shape back and build core strength*




Sweaty Mama pride ourselves in the safety of both our participating Mamas and Children.  We cannot emphasise how vital safe baby/sling wearing is to us and our Mamas. It is an option to use a sling or carrier for the first few tracks of the session; however, it is not vital and we encourage Mamas to freehold and use a method of interacting with their child that is not only safe but suitable for their development and age.  As Sweaty Mama Instructors are Pre and Post Natal qualified as well as undertaking a niche Babywearing safety course which teaches about the benefits of Babywearing; Baby Safety; Baby positioning; and Baby Anatomy & Physiology, each instructor can advise their Mamas on the best way to carry their child so that they are both safe and comfortable.  We work closely with Dr Rosie Knowles from BORN TO CARRY – Carrying Matters, and undertake regular training courses here at our Sweaty Mama HQ and at Rosie’s own academy in Sheffield too.

We also follow the TICKS rules for safe sling-wearing and have handouts to give to Mamas to understand positioning and safety. All instructors assist Mamas & ask them to prepare for attending a class by looking into which carrier to use and practicing with it prior to attending Sweaty Mama.  We also encourage them to attend local sling meets and sling libraries if they wish to have more in depth support and knowledge prior to attending a class. We explain to Mamas to always follow manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions for safe sling use.  Of course, it is only an option for part of our sessions to Babywear, however this is not vital to the workout.  If you prefer you can freehold your child or have them close by you and still safely undertake the session.

As specialists in Post Natal Fitness, we understand the changes your body undertakes and how important it is to do the right exercises to reintroduce exercise gradually and effectively.  We focus on assisting to re-stabilise core strength which switches off during pregnancy to allow the necessary growth of baby.  Helping rebuild your core will aid back strength and lessen issues in lower back pain.  We also understand the many other issues that can arise following pregnancy – Pelvic Floor and Divarication of Rectus Abdominis (Split Abdominal Muscles).  We offer adaptations to assist the recovery and rebuild your fitness gradually depending on your individual journey.

When you first come along to a group discuss any specific issues with your Sweaty Mama instructor whilst completing your PAR-Q Form and we will ensure that any necessary exercises are adapted to protect and aid your recovery as best possible.




I went to my first class yesterday and really enjoyed it. It was great to get back to doing some exercise. The class was easy to follow and is going to be great for getting back some fitness after having a baby . Finn (my 12 week old) enjoyed himself too! Looking forward to next week!

Falloon Wilkinson - Buxton

Attended my first class with my two girls (one 3 years and a one year old) and absolutely loved it. Would definitely recommend for anyone wanting to get back into exercise and still spend time with their little ones. Fab instructor and everyone was really welcoming.

Rachel Brooke - Dewsbury & Batley

I love this class, it’s so much fun and a really good workout too! It’s very relaxed, you can do as much or as little as you like and babies are also involved! I always ache the next day…!

Kim Blake - Denham

Me and Rory (20 months) went to our first class today and loved it. So chilled and relaxed with the wee ones there but also got a good work out too. I’m sure I’ll have sore legs tomorrow after those lunges and squats! Great concept and would highly recommend to any mums out there who are wanting to keep fit and take their wee one along.

Meeno Lee Cee - Falkirk

I absolutely love this class on a Monday it sets me up for the week. Great excuse to catch up with friends whilst working out. A fab instructor, super friendly and very approachable. Would recommend to anyone.

Katie Cosgrove – Wigan & Southport

An absolutely brilliant class that I cannot recommend enough. It has really helped me to start regaining my fitness since having my little girl. You can take the class at your own pace and babies / toddlers can be involved throughout. A fantastic coach too!

Nicky Haplin – Merseyside

This is a fab class, both myself & my little one loved it! An excellent instructor, she ensures the class is friendly & relaxed. Definitely a sweaty mama by the end & will feel that burn tomorrow! Looking forward to next week!

Emma Speers – Clitheroe

Fantastic classes. Range of exercises for differing abilities. A fab instructor and really down to earth. Has given me the confidence to go to normal classes at the local gym. Brilliant classes for anyone who struggles to get a sitter with a baby or toddler x

Sarah Bowers – Blackpool

Went to the Chorley class on Monday for the first time and really enjoyed it! The instructor is very friendly and enthusiastic and the class involved a mix of different exercises to suit everyone. I would recommend to anyone wanting to get fit and active with their baby and meet other mums. Looking forward to next week!

Rebecca Doyle – Chorley

Just done my first class, it’s great to workout with my baba he’s nearly 6 months and loved it, he was giggling away. And I got a good work out too! The instructor was very friendly, bubbly and welcoming, she made it fun to do! Wished I’d have started sooner x

Lyndsey Farrar – Buckshaw