10 Stocking fillers for Mums and Tots – Sweaty Mama Merchandise

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10 Stocking fillers for Mums and Tots – Sweaty Mama Merchandise

Now we all know the mad dash to try and find some great presents for our fellow Mamas and their babies… Well here at Sweaty Mama HQ, we thought we would help take the pressure off and give you some of our favourite stocking fillers, including some of our wonderful Sweaty Mama merchandise from our Sweaty Mama Shop.


I feel like there should be a drum roll…


Number 10 – Sweaty Mama Gift Voucher

What could be a better gift than a Sweaty Mama Gift Voucher? Not only would you be giving a mama a 6 week course of fitness classes to help rebuild their fitness, but you will also be giving them some special mum and baby bonding time – there is no better gift than this! You can get the Sweaty Mama Gift Voucher online for just £35 and it will go down much better than some bath bombs!



Number 9 – Colour in Superhero Cape

This is perfect for those superheroes in your life, whether they want to be Superman or Wonder Woman, with this fab kit they can colour it in and make their own fancy dress outfits. What a fun thing to do and it’s only £9.95!


We found it here:




Number 8 – Sweaty Mama Dribble Bib

Our Sweaty Mama dribble bibs are a perfect little stocking filler for your little ones! They help catch all those dribbles when you’re out and about and at our Sweaty Mama classes. After all, who wants a dribble patches everywhere? You can grab our Sweaty Mama dribble bibs (in either blue or pink!) from our online shop and they are only £4 each!





Number 7 – Make your own Xmas Tree

“Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree how lovely are your branches”

For only £5.99 your kids can colour their own Christmas tree, make little bead garlands and you have something you can keep forever. How cute!!


We found it here:



Number 6 – Sweaty Mama Water Bottle

Need some water after all that Christmas partying? Well look no further than our Sweaty Mama water bottles. They are perfect for your mum and baby workouts with us and there’s no chance of you spilling water on your babies head (I’ve not done that I promise).

You can get our Sweaty Mama water bottles here for only £10:



Number 5 – Teether

This Christmas tree teether looks great fun and your baby will love a good old chew on this and it’s much better than them actually chewing a real Christmas tree, I mean we can’t promise they won’t try but this might just be enough of a distraction.


You can get your chew on here for only £6:



Number 4 – Sweaty Mama Vests and T-shirts

Get your little ones looking super trendy and ready for their Sweaty Mama classes with our Sweaty Mama Vests and T-shirts. They are comfy and cute and for only £6 each, a real bargain! And come on, look at those faces!!


You can grab them both here:


Sweaty Mama T-shirts



Sweaty Mama Vests



Number 3 – Sweaty Mama Yoga Mat

Want to get your Sweaty Mama and baby workout on at home? You can grab one of our Sweaty Mama yoga mats for only £12.50. Getting a Sweaty Mama Yoga Mat as a pressy will definitely make you stick to your New Year’s resolution to burn off those Christmas naughties!

Get them here:



Number 2 – Boss Lady Mug

­­We all know that one mum that has everything sorted, a complete boss lady. Well here is the perfect gift for them. They can enjoy a brew and feel in charge at the same time, especially if they have just cleaned up a poonami like the boss lady they are.

Grab it here for £7.99:




Number 1 – Sweaty Mama Kit

Are you feeling like those workout leggings are starting to feel a bit thread bare? Or is your top getting a bit old and boring? Maybe you just want a little treat? (Who doesn’t of course!) We have some great Sweaty Mama kit for you to choose from to update your workout wardrobe.


There are several designs of Sweaty Mama leggings, a sports vest and a hoodie. Treat yourself or a friend, or even send the link to your partner as a subtle hint!

Find our full range of Sweaty Mama Kit here:


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