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My favourite SM move is a press up kiss. I love a hard-core whole body exercise which works the core too and some special bonding with your little one regardless of their age.

Getting Pregnant

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We got married last May (2017) after 8 years together, 2 children, 2 businesses and a mortgage. It seemed like the last piece of the puzzle to complete.  Little did I know that [...]

Energy & Expansion

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So thank goodness that first trimester has been and gone! Sickness, tiredness Hello! More like constant feeling of vomiting and falling asleep into your own hands..hee! So well into the second trimester now [...]

First Trimester

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First Trimester of pregnancy.  Anxiety, joy, nausea, tears of all kind of emotions and usually exhaustion... the first trimester is one of the most exciting and tiring times as your body prepares for [...]