I Love Running…

I hate running. Yes I said it. I really hate running. I’ve never seen the point of it to be honest. Yes, I guess there are health benefits but I think the only time you need to run is either away from something bad or to catch the ice cream man…Yes I’m that person.

I got married in 2012 to my lovely husband Rob and after many years of trying we had our little boy Ethan. I was constantly hungry throughout my pregnancy so ate loads. It meant after having Ethan I was a size 14/16 from a 10/12 – not a big size at all but I was not happy with the way my body looked, not really for vain reasons, I honestly don’t care what others think, but more for the fact I just wasn’t happy and I have a lovely wardrobe of clothes that I couldn’t fit in! I felt like I should do something about it. I tried walking with Ethan in the pram everyday and tried buggyfit but it didn’t really do much, I guess the treat of the hot chocolate at the end didn’t help either.

I had heard about Sweaty Mama and just hadn’t done anything about signing up until I was talking to my sister in law (who had just had a little girl too) and she’d just signed up, so I was like “OK, I should do this”, so I did. I took the plunge and signed up online.

The morning of my first class I searched everywhere for something that vaguely resembled an exercise outfit and eventually managed to find one. I turned up that Thursday morning ready with Ethan in his carrier to at least give it a try! I was actually surprised not just at how much I enjoyed the class but how much Ethan did. He has reflux so can get a bit upset and sick at times but the minute the music started and we all started following Hannah’s moves he calmed down and was just fascinated. He still is. Every week we go he can’t wait for it to start, his little legs start to kick and his arms wave, I’m sure he thinks I’m some sort of robot he’s controlling like a Power Rangers type thing. I will admit sometimes he cries, fusses, gets hungry, but, it’s OK. Everyone there is a mum and everyone gets it. I just settle him or feed him and carry on.

I’m not going to lie and say I’m the best at the classes – sometimes I’m sure I look like a baby deer who can’t work their legs but that’s fine, Ethan and I get out of the house, we meet other mums and I can feel the exercise helping me feel more confident again and I’m happy to wear something other than a big massive hoodie (although those are comfortable).

I would highly recommend you try a class no matter how you feel, your circumstances or how much you feel like your baby will cry the whole way through (that might happen) but at the end of the day you will have done something that has given you energy, that has helped you feel good and you have been able to look after your baby whilst doing it. What more could you ask for?

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My favourite exercise is a lunge, although running after my 2 year old comes a very close second.