Mama Life Hacks- The Top 5!

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Mama Life Hacks- The Top 5!

Mama life hacks.

We all know the feeling, it’s Saturday morning and all you want is a lie in, breakfast in bed and a hot brew but those amazing little human beings you created have other ideas! Usually even earlier than on a “School day” they are up! Their electric toys are playing that same song for the ten thousandth time and they’ve just polished off the hidden stash of choccie biccies! We understand that you would give your world for your kids but some days you just need a minute and we’re here to help with our list of 5 life hacks to help the winter months fly by.

  1. Sleep Masks

When you say the word “sleep masks” I always think of some 80’s show like Dallas where the servants come in to wake the boss with a tray of food and a hot brew! But however much I try to train the dog he just isn’t having it to be my servant! So a sleep mask might help when you need a little power-nap or a lovely post workout snooze after a great push-yourself Sweaty Mama workout! Block out the world for that short time we have and enjoy a little restful sleep us Mamas need.


  1. Fruit and Fibre (or similar) Cereal box.

Now I know this sounds strange but this could be a great way of keeping those well earned  treats for yourself, the first problem is eating the cereal first! The main trick is to find a cereal that you know your kids definitely won’t like, eat the contents and fill it with some lovely treats for those days you just need a little treat. You may have to get up early to set this plan in motion, but if the kids are in bed it will be a perfect stash of all those Mama treats we all adore.

  1. Fitness Trackers

So you need to make up your step goals for the day and your little one needs to sleep so you decide to kill two birds with one stone and go for a walk. With your fitness tracker on, you head out and walk all around your local area, getting home you realise your fitness tracker hasn’t tracked all of your movements! ARGH!?! The fix is simple.  Before you head out, take your tracker off your wrist and pop it in your pants pocket. Most trackers don’t track pram pushing as although the rest of your body is moving your wrists aren’t. How very rude! Even the more expensive ones can’t seem to keep up so use our handy little tip and make sure you track those steps! We want the accomplished pat on the back for being good super mamas right!

  1. Shower Caps

What an awesome idea – anything that saves on cleaning is a thumbs up in our book!  Got any of those freebie hotel minis and shower caps in the back of the bathroom cupboard?  Simply place the shower caps on the prams wheels when you get home so the mud can dry and it can just brush it off later!  Again this may sound a strange idea but save yourself time cleaning up mud from the car or hallway.   That time can be used to have a warm brew (hopefully!)

  1. Sweaty Mama Classes

I know we’re biased but we think our classes are wonderful! You get three things all in one session. Firstly, an effective workout suitable to your level of fitness to lift your mood and energy.  Secondly, your little on is entertained and get to spend time with their fave – You! Last, but by no means least, we get to have a natter with other Mamas and make ourselves feel normal again with the various stories and rants we get to offload.  Plus, we might even get to have a post-workout snooze too – who needs to clean anyway, a good Sweaty Mama session just tires those little ones out and they can have a good old snooze!

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