C Section.  My first c section was an emergency one, it was scary and unexpected as I had not really read up about what was involved as I was more focused on preparing myself for a natural labour.

I always remember sat on the bed in the gown with the surgeon talking me through the procedure and the risks involved in it and then bursting into tears as I was so frightened.  It was just all so overwhelming. I was so scared that something bad was going to happen to me or my baby during this serious operation.  Had I have known what was to happen I bet I wouldn’t have felt like that!

The theatre team were amazing, they made me feel at ease and I had my hubby and a nurse by the side the whole time.  I couldn’t feel anything after the epidural once they laid me down and started the operation other than this feeling of them pushing on my stomach.  I was soon going to meet my baby boy.

I remember I had to keep my head to one side, looking at my husband so I couldn’t see what was happening in the mirrored light above me. I was picturing it in my head but thought the sight of me being cut open and the blood would knock me sick.

They asked us if we wanted to watch our baby come out and so they pulled down the blue curtain that was covering me from seeing what they were doing and out he came, our little boy Lucas. I didn’t dare cry as I was too worried it would hurt my stomach, but I couldn’t help it and so came the tears of joy.

The surgeon sewed me back up while they cleaned Lucas up and did the checks on him. This was the longest 5 minutes ever, as I just wanted to hold my baby and wanted to know he was ok. I could hear him crying and they shouted over 5 fingers and 5 toes and soon enough they moved me over to him and we had skin to skin contact and then I breast fed him in the recovery room.

Once I got on the ward I felt ok but shattered. I asked the midwife if it was ok to sit and so I sat up and was feeding Lucas straight away. I had these things on my legs, I am not sure what for but I assumed they are to prevent blood clots – it was a nice little leg massage anyway!

The night was fine. I didn’t really sleep as I couldn’t stop looking at Lucas and of course needed to feed him.  As morning came the midwife did her checks and my wee was clear in the colostomy bag and so I was given the ok to have a shower.  The midwife warned me to watch out for any large blood clots when going the toilet but all was good. I struggled to walk and I was in a lot of pain but it was manageable with the help of the medication. Take these meds as they really do work!!!!

I came home that evening after the paediatrician did his checks on Lucas. It was Xmas day, I HAD THE BEST PRESENT EVER!!!!!!

I struggled moving around and I had the worst period EVER, it was like 9 months of not having a period came out at once, so do have some of those maternity pads at the ready. They are like bricks but it’s just one of those things we have to live with and it’s not for long.

My 2nd c section was planned as I was 4 weeks overdue with Lucas by the time I had him, so I wanted to be prepared, plus their birthdays are close and I thought if he’s early and comes on his own I will have a natural birth but if not I’d rather know what to expect.

I knew what to expect this time. I had to be at the hospital at 7am, I didn’t know I would be with 4 other mums to be and didn’t actually go to theatre until midday and hadn’t eaten or drank since 8pm the night before.  I couldn’t stop going to the toilet – it must have been the nerves and due to this it triggered a migraine after they gave me the epidural and I was dumb up to my neck and had a seizure.

I don’t remember much of it but the next moment I had my baby boy on me. The recovery was worse as I was still suffering from the Migraine. I just needed to sleep it off but they had to keep waking me up for tests and of course I needed to see to my new born son.

That night they sent me for an MRI scan and CT scans as I wasn’t myself, I didn’t know, when asked about the birth of my son, what his name was or who my husband was. I had totally lost it. Thankfully they came back fine and over the next few days I became better and could go home with Seb.

Second time around the recovery from the c section was harder as I had a 2-year-old to look after too. I suffered from back pain and migraines, but you just get on with it.  I had to give myself daily injections too which bruised me and I dreaded doing them.

I started Sweaty Mama once being signed off by my doctor and this really helped. My first class I was worried my scar would rip open and it felt weird but it was just it healing inside and out.

My c section scar is neat.  You can’t see it and I can wear bikini bottoms without it being seen.

At the time of both my sons’ c section births I was fine because I didn’t know anything differently, it was just afterwards when you reflect on it and realise what a major operation I had had, and how scary it was but the main thing is my babies and myself are all fit and well.

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