Getting Pregnant

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We got married last May (2017) after 8 years together, 2 children, 2 businesses and a mortgage. It seemed like the last piece of the puzzle to complete.  Little did I know that [...]

Energy & Expansion

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So thank goodness that first trimester has been and gone! Sickness, tiredness Hello! More like constant feeling of vomiting and falling asleep into your own hands..hee! So well into the second trimester now [...]


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Teething Twins My lovely boys are now approaching the 9-month mark and so far, we’ve never had much trouble with teething...their first two bottom teeth came through when they were around 5 months [...]


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C Section.  My first c section was an emergency one, it was scary and unexpected as I had not really read up about what was involved as I was more focused on preparing [...]