Eat Well Feel Well!

Eat Well Feel Well!

Eat Well, Feel Well

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During winter months, healthy eating can be the last thing on your mind! You get home from work, it’s already cold and dark outside so the last thing you want to do is spend hours in the kitchen and commit to healthy eating. So what do you often do? Snuggle in front of the TV with a takeaway, and of course … some naughty treats for after!! Don’t try and deny it, we are all guilty of this. Instead of eating well, we forgo the healthy eating and opt for the most convenient.

Not only during winter, but after having children, us Mamas don’t tend to look after ourselves as well as before, as there are now these little humans that depend on us and their needs always come before our own. Healthy eating takes a back seat as we tend to prioritise our ickle ones ahead of ourselves eating well. I know that when I had my first child, eating healthy (or proper meals at all for that matter) went straight out the window as there were too many nappies, cries, and milk feeds to deal with that I would just ‘forget’ to eat. Every week on our Facebook page, we will be posting delicious inspiring and easy to cook healthy eating  Sweaty Mama meals & Sweaty Mama snacks ideas for you and your little ones to help eating well.  We know how important your health is after pregnancy and that it is just as important eating well and healthy eating as looking after your new little baby.  So why not try our Sweaty Mama meals or a Sweaty Mama snacks to enjoy.

It may seem really hard to have the motivation to keep eating well through the winter months especially with your little ones running around, but it doesn’t actually take as much effort as you think and it is important to keep encouraging healthy eating within your family. Along with our weekly Sweaty Mama Meals & Sweaty Mama Snacks, the team at Sweaty Mama HQ have been encouraging one another to continue eating well and so we now have some extra little tips to pass onto you Mamas to keep you eating well;

  • Plan ahead

When getting ready to do the weekly shop, plan your meals for the week in advance. This will then encourage you to stick to your meal plan and continue eating well. Since I have been doing this, it is not only easier when I get home from work because what we are having for tea is already planned, but it actually helped us save money on the weekly shop! (We were forever throwing anything in the trolley we thought we might fancy!) Healthy eating made simple solely through being organised.

  • Try new meals

Getting stuck in a rut with meals is so easy to do and every week you continue to eat the same old boring meals. Eventually, this can make you dread mealtimes. Trying new foods and meals will not only help you enjoy meal times again, it will encourage your eating well &  healthy eating.  Make sure you check out our Sweaty Mama meals and Sweaty Mama snacks for some new yummy ideas!

  • Get the little ones involved

Make cooking fun! Involve the little ones; get them to help prepare the meals and teach them all about the different foods. Don’t make mealtimes feel like a chore otherwise that is what they will become! Healthy eating can be fun and exciting.

  • Keep hydrated

Ensure you drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. There are many benefits of drinking water from increasing energy levels to boosting your immune system. Staying healthy isn’t just about eating well, so ensure you keep yourself and your little ones hydrated.

By sticking to these handy tips, eating well and keeping healthy through the winter won’t seem so daunting. So, keep a look out on our Facebook for our Sweaty Mama meals and Sweaty Mama snacks to give you some inspiration to ensure you and your family keep healthy eating & enjoy eating well!

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