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So thank goodness that first trimester has been and gone! Sickness, tiredness Hello! More like constant feeling of vomiting and falling asleep into your own hands..hee!

So well into the second trimester now and feeling much perkier, yippee! Still can’t make it past the News at 10 headlines mind, but that is good going considering last month I didn’t see the past putting the kids to bed at 8! I have been growing what feels like rapidly, or as Phoenix and Lyra would say – Mummy is expanding! The second trimester has definitely brought a more obvious belly and hopefully a clear sign of pregnancy rather than eating too much.  That said, I struggle in the second trimester to eat a large amount in one go, small meals as the hunger strikes but then gosh if I eat too much do I know it! Feeling bloated, like I am about to explode and definitely Rennies needed!

I seem to recall feeling super big early last pregnancy too – I am hoping that the second trimester bringing a growth spurt to my belly will also slow down a little, as I have no idea how huge I will be if I continue to expand at this rate! Dan and I took a little 2 day break to go back to the special place we got married last year, in Mallorca. We love going there. It is the most relaxing place on earth, feels like a spot of heaven. It was a last minute treat, cheap deal and was well due with us working full pelt these last few months, so we left Sunday tea time to return Weds morning. My dad (AKA G.pops to the kids) arrived Saturday and I had written down everything possible he could need, however my hormones were definitely kicking in on Sunday at the thought of leaving Lyra and Phoenix.  As we said our goodbyes I could feel the emotions kicking in, I couldn’t stop the tears! I cried all the way to the airport and a few more times there too. I blame the second trimester continuing hormones and the lack of alcohol to suppress the guilt of leaving them and also bring on the holiday spirit a little quicker! Anyway we had an awesome 2 days walking and reading and eating and returned to 2 happy alive children and a very happy but tired Grandad too! That will be our last childfree excursion for some time, so we really appreciated every moment of relaxation and tried to store it up for the challenge to come.

I definitely feel like for me the second trimester is the most fun.  It is usually clear to most people you are expecting and sometimes that leads to nice looks and comments and extra help with carrying things too..hee! The second trimester brings a return back to a little normality as your hormones subside a little (at times rise again!) and also your energy returns so I feel like I can again take on the world. I am loving remaining being active at all my Sweaty Mama classes and Mamilates sessions and love working my Bootcampers hard too! They are getting worked harder now I am doing a little less of the activity.. I can focus more on giving them a harder workout.  I am going to enjoy this segment of pregnancy as it goes so fast! Yes aches are showing their face and twinges here and there but I don’t let a day pass through this second trimester without recognising the amazing miraculous thing my body is capable of doing –creating a beautiful new life!

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