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We got married last May (2017) after 8 years together, 2 children, 2 businesses and a mortgage. It seemed like the last piece of the puzzle to complete.  Little did I know that after the most amazing day ever, on our mini moon back in Mallorca where we got wed, would we talk “Baby number3!!” Well that conversation was a funny one to begin with, joking around the idea at first and over the coming months we talked back and forth about it between us for nearly a year! Well let’s face it there is no kidding yourself when you have 2 cheeky little ones already the challenges another Baby would bring into our already full lifes! We were at no loss that getting pregnant and having another child was something to be considered in full.

We took into account all the Pros and cons but neither of us could not take away the one and only thing that mattered to us – We wanted to have another baby and getting pregnant was the mission. A family of 5! A life is so precious and we felt like we would regret not trying later in life, so we took the leap! Lets get pregnant!!

My first child Lyra (Now 5) was conceived the first month after stopping taking my pill, so I had little issue getting pregnant that time! I was told by the GP it could take up to a year or so, which I relayed to Dan, so he was somewhat surprised, but delighted when after such a short time, that little blue line appeared on that glorious stick!

Fast forward a year, Lyra was 6 months old, and I then owned a bridal boutique in Manchester. I returned home from a busy Saturdays trade, to meet Dan and Lyra in the local family restaurant/pub for a well deserved vino. I had a little work to finish so was completing the staff hours in my diary when I noticed a RED P prominently 2 weeks earlier!! I had 1 last swig of the vino (to calm my beating heart!) then headed home to pee on yet another glorious stick which again revealed a wonderful blue line – that is now our wonderfully crazy son Phoenix (3) So I think it is safe to say we didn’t try too hard getting pregnant that time either.. hee! We were thrilled and the next few years were fast paced, crazy and yet joyful with our 2 loonies just 16 months apart in age.

So in February 2018 we had decided getting pregnant again was something we would love and the mission began. Convincing myself that this time would be as straight forward and I would be laid back zen Mama, I went to see my GP and arrange to have my coil of 4 years removed..Eeek! Good news was the doctor told us that after it was out – getting pregnant could happen immediately and that we could start actively trying to get pregnant right away. Well we were chuffed to bits so as any woman probably would, I was a little more proactive on the bedroom front – eager to see another little blue line Asap! The first period came just days later however I was pleased, my body and system was returning to normal and preparing to be a baby making machine yet again.  However month by month P day came, unfortunately not always regularly leading me to be disappointed and frustrated each time. I spoke to a close friend who told me of an ap where I could log my day to day information to help show when would be the most fertile days of each month. God bless technology I thought – I could even save up my sexiness for the best possible chance of getting pregnant! It seemed too convenient not to try. I however soon got fed up of logging it, making me think daily about getting pregnant and raising the pressure on myself day by day.  I decided to do what I know always helps when I feel frustrated, helpless and not able to control the situation… I prayed, I asked my close church family to pray for us and I also decided to stop controlling it and just let it be. Nature being nature would happen at the right time, if it was right and there was only so much I could do to get pregnant.  That said, I also had a really good party at my sister in law’s wedding and really let my hair down, enjoying cured meats, cheese and a few extra cheeky glasses of fizz of course! Getting pregnant had been in the forefront of my mind and I decided that if we were blessed to get pregnant again and bring another life into this world, it would happen when and if it should.

God blessed us just the next month, with a perfect beautifully prominent blue line on another glorious stick! Turns out, for me, getting pregnant meant letting go and giving it over to God.

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