How my relationships changed after baby…

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How my relationships changed after baby! I was warned many times… A baby changes everything. Whilst I agree that statement is very much true, one of the most significant changes that took me by surprise was how my relationships changed after baby – but not necessarily in a bad way.


Prior to baby’s arrival I had read/heard about how difficult things become with the people around you. How relationship with hubby is strained and you begin to resent each other… How friends disappear and you are forced to feel isolated and lonely


I am pleased to say for me this wasn’t the case, although I can see how easily things could have gone the other way.

With my partner… We ultimately found ourselves feeling even closer, we were however certainly tested. Yes, those sleep deprived nights did cause a few arguments but with the mutual agreement of ‘what happens through the night is forgotten in the morning’ meant we always managed to wake up each day not hating each other too much. Furthermore, we began to find the humour in each disastrous situation – like our much anticipated first trip to the Zoo, which started with an extortionate entry fee and ended very quickly with an embarrassing public display of projectile vomiting and a lot of screaming… Or the time we planned a day out to the beach, which again came to an abrupt ending after a disagreement over giving our unruly toddler an ice cream as a bribe to just behave… After every outing, the car journey home would always be the same. Short replies and an under the breath muttering of ‘why do we even bother’ but by the time we reached home we always managed to turn it around and laugh at the ridiculousness of it all. Things could have easily gone the other way but with a sense of humour and the willingness to ride out the madness of parenting, we feel closer than ever and our child has only further secured that.


With my friends… I suddenly felt like there were less of them, but the ones that stuck around became even closer. After babies arrive your priorities & routines change and they probably aren’t the same as some of your friends any more, therefore I couldn’t really blame anyone. So instead of focusing on my lack of friends, I began to focus on creating new ones… I tried many baby classes hoping to make new Mama friends but sitting around repeating the same conversations about weaning, sleeping, breast feeding etc. soon grew old. Then when my little one was 14 months old I stumbled across Sweaty Mama. It was the refreshing change I needed. The Mamas encouraged each other and like me, would find the humour in each unfortunate moment… You can laugh about the sleepless nights, the chaotic mornings and even the fact you still haven’t brushed your hair in at least two days.


Having a baby will change and test your relationships, but with some optimism and humour the change doesn’t have to be a bad thing…

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