Men’s C Section Experience

Men’s C Section Experience

The Men’s C Section Experience is undoubtedly different to the woman’s!  So, I can only speak for myself when I say it was a mixture of emotions, some good, some bad.  It all began about a month before the birth when we headed up to Chorley hospital for a routine appointment.  It seemed a bit odd being sent on our way with an appointment card which basically says the day and time your next child is going to be born!  It certainly differed from the 2 week wait for the natural birth with our daughter Lyra, that two weeks involved plenty of bumpy roads in the car, hot curries and whatever else the midwives suggested would help her come a little closer to her due date.  I was convinced they had got the date wrong, but waiting was painful!

With Phoenix, the whole experience was a bit different.  In some ways, my Men’s C Section Experience was helped by the fact that we had a time to work towards.  It was in the diary so to speak, so we could plan ahead.  We knew where Lyra would be that day, there was gas in the car, the bag could be packed, everything was in place for his arrival… (and now 3.5 years later we still aren’t ready for him to be honest!).  Of course this all sounds wonderful, the truth was, Hannah, my wife, was getting increasingly anxious on the outside, I was getting increasingly anxious on the inside.  Apparently that’s how men and women are wired.  So my real job was to look after Hannah, make sure she was feeling comfortable, whilst all the while suppressing my own emotions and pretending everything was OK.  Pretty much a standard day really!!

Men's C Section Experience

Men’s C Section Experience

So the day came, we dropped Lyra at nursery and went on our way.  On arrival at Preston hospital we were told we were second in the queue (yes, a queue to have your baby!), however as is often the case with Hannah, we quickly made our way to the front of it.  This wasn’t our doing of course, it all began with me sat in the waiting room in a beautiful gown and hat (standard issue, that isn’t what I usually wear!) watching This Morning.  In fact this was probably the first time in my whole Men’s C Section Experience when I felt relaxed!  I had an hour to chill out and wait for my life to change.  My relaxation, though, came to an abrupt stop.  A lady walked in looking pretty downbeat.  I enquired as to her well-being and in broken English she told me she had been told off by the midwife.  She hadn’t realised that “fasting” for 12 hours extended to cups of tea.  With milk in them.  

So we jumped the queue, me and my sexy gown were going in.  I wandered into the theatre and saw Hannah lying half behind a curtain.  Thank goodness for the curtain.  They give the woman the option, I secretly hoped she wouldn’t want to watch.  There was really no need in the end, the procedure itself seemed like it was over in seconds.  Of course I wasn’t party to the whole thing – the discussions with the surgeon, the anaesthetist doing his bit, the midwives doing theirs.  I just walked in at the end, held Hannah’s hand and was presented pretty promptly with my new son.  The Men’s C Section Experience is certainly different to the woman’s, the support role is probably the best way I can describe it.  That said, having been involved in a 30 hour natural birth, I know which one I would choose next time!

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