Mum and Baby Bonding Time

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Mum and Baby Bonding Time

Suddenly there’s a baby in your life and the special mum bond is magically just going to appear right? Well no not always – sometimes it takes us mums a little longer to bond with our babies and you know what? That’s ok. Just like every baby is different so is every mum and although some will get that special feeling right away for some it will take a little time and a little getting to know each other.

We are all hard wired to connect with our babies, there is a chemical called Pheromone (which helps us be attracted to our partners) that our babies give off to connect with us. It’s crazy to think that according to studies after only an hour with our babies we can tell which smell is theirs and they can tell ours too.

Smiling can have a similar effect as we smile at our babies and they smile back we want to make them do it more and more. Something so simple is so powerful.

Here at Sweaty Mama we like to help you with that all important mum and baby bonding in our classes – that’s why we don’t have a crèche facility and encourage you to work out together!

Each Mama has their favourite activity in class but I think by far the overall winner is the kiss press up. It’s not just a great exercise you get to have eye to eye contact (well when baby actually looks at you which in my case is rare) and each time you lower yourself you get to give your little one a cheeky kiss as a reward. This is another great way of helping that mum and baby bonding to develop.

Another great way that we encourage mum and baby bonding in our classes is baby wearing and carrying. Closeness with baby is proven to help deepen your baby bond and according to paediatric research it can help reduce crying, now I’m in to that!

We are not just a fun exercise class, we want to be more than that to you and your baby. We want to help you develop that mum and baby bond and help you make new mum friends and feel confident about who you are. It’s not about achieving a certain size or having the perfect life, it’s about helping you see who you really are and having great mum and baby bonding time!

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