New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me

2018 is here! How quick has that come round? Everyone’s New Year’s resolutions will now start coming into place; New Year, New Me and all that. One of the most popular New Year, New Me resolutions is to start exercising and get fit. It is the perfect time to start after all. The only problem is, after a month or two, everyone starts giving up and forgetting those goals that you so desperately wanted to accomplish only a month or so ago.

The team at Sweaty Mama HQ have decided we want to help you stick to your New Year, New Me resolution. Most people when starting their new fitness journey will get a gym membership, start going to the gym a few times a week (those regular gym goers hate this as the gyms get rammed and you can never get on any of the machines what you want!), then after going for a month or two, you get fed up of going on your own, you never work as hard as you should and you lose all motivation (can you tell I’m a pro at this?). Eventually, you stop going altogether and cancel your membership. WHAT A WASTE!

At Sweaty Mama, our classes run on a 6 week course basis. Our workouts are fab and fun and allow everyone to exercise to their own ability, gradually increasing your fitness level – definitely helping with the New Year, New Me goals! There is no sense of feeling embarrassed like at the gym, when it seems everyone is staring at you attempting different exercises on machines you need a degree to figure out.

I believe that booking onto a course of fitness classes encourages you to keep going each week, makes you feel committed and you can make new Mama friends who spur each other on giving you that motivation that sometimes you need! Everyone at the classes is there for the same reason, to exercise and build up the fitness levels whilst still spending precious time with their little ones.

What’s even better is if you can take a friend with you to the classes, you can motivate one another to turn up each week and work harder all whilst having a giggle and a catch up. We all have these grand ideas we will see our friends regularly on maternity leave, but come on, in reality that doesn’t always happen as nappies, milk and babies take over and make you forget.

I went to my first class when I was 8 months post-partum, my friend had to drag me along as I was so nervous. As soon as the class ended, I was shocked at how much I actually enjoyed it and felt comfortable being there and it made me feel so much better in myself even just after that one session! I only wished I had started at the beginning of my maternity leave.

So start your New Year, New Me journey with a Sweaty Mama class and I know you won’t regret it.

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