Real Life Parenting (Her!)

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So I realised last week that it was nearly 4.5 months since my husband Dan and I had been out on a date night! Yes that’s right, just the 2 of us, no children, no friends, just us! Here we face the all too common situation of real life parenting.  Always putting ourselves last and the family first but usually forgetting each other in the process.  Real life parenting is not a myth people, it is hard work and requires a super organised and persistent woman to implement a military operation.  Firstly there is the organisation of baby sitters, then of course, back up baby sitters just in case they let you down – this is real life parenting people! So I text all the grandparents, plus every nursery staff member and respectable youth that we know and pinned my husband down to a night that we can go out, yes GO OUT!! Real life parenting does not require the bare minimum to ensure a date night occurs, you need to think of every possible fail and always have a plan B and if possible a Plan c too.

I always said that real life parenting would be just a case of making time, but lets face it people, every possible situation to challenge us does usually occur.  So lets say all does go well, according to plan and date night is set… the real life parenting trick is to preempt this with your children and have the bribes for a smooth transition at the ready! OK I know that is simple, but honestly I find bribes like “Daddy and Mummy are just going to go out for some tea but tomorrow we will take you swimming and to the park, and buy you an ice cream” the basic, effective and vital key to real life parenting. When we do this we always get the “Can I come mummy” comments, but we nip those in the bud pronto and keep to the strict plan of action. It is the only way!

So last Saturday night Dan and I enjoyed a delicious meal out a nice bottle of wine and a child-free, stress free evening.. yippee! After treading on eggshells to leave the house without a meltdown or tears, our real life parenting techniques paid off.  A text or 2 back and forth to our fabulous trusted sitter, 1 glass of Sauvignon later and we started to relax and as is so so true of real life parenting, after 10 minutes, started talking about our kids!!

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