Sweaty Mama’s Family Stress & Survival Guide

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In the run up to Christmas there are so many panics about the big day that nobody takes anytime for themselves. Everyone goes mad running around the supermarkets like they are closing down forever and then spends all the evenings wrapping presents whilst having all these stressful thoughts going through your mind … Have I bought enough presents? Have I bought too many presents? Have we spent too much money? Now we have no money left … how can we survive January? What happens if someone doesn’t like their present? What happens if I don’t like mine? (Get practicing your “aww thanks I love it, just what I wanted” face – I’ve basically got mine down to a tee!) Shall we buy this person a present just in case they get us one? Every little thought about it is just OH SO STRESSFUL and it doesn’t stop there.

Christmas day is now done and dusted (well done for coping mamas) along with all the fun family times that come with it (or so this is what everyone pretends!) In reality, does anyone really enjoy the actual day? #Familystress comes to my mind! I know when Christmas Day does arrive, I’d much rather spend it in my pj’s, all cosy at home. But no, from the moment we get up, it’s like a military operation to get up and ready, open presents and then visit every single family member of mine and my partner’s family – stressful right? It really is the most stressful time of the year, not the most wonderful time of year as sold to us by Christmas songs and films.

Over this festive period, so many people just give up on exercise and think, ohh I’ll start again in the New Year. Why, you ask? Ha, I’m kidding, I know you’re thinking, YEP that’s me! But, there are so many proven benefits of exercise that you should carry on the whole year through. Exercise is proven to make you feel happier, increase energy levels and help with relaxation and sleep levels. So why would you stop? During this stressful period it will most definitely help you cope with the #familystress.

To help you during this busy, stressful time we thought we would be extra kind this year and do some fitness videos on social media that everyone can join in with! #SweatyMama12daysofworkouts.  It doesn’t take long and you don’t need to leave the house – no excuses for not taking part! Get over to our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/sweatymamauk/ and join in on the fitness fun! We will be completing Sweaty Mama 12 days of workouts, so take a few minutes each day and join us sharing your videos and get yourself feeling de-stressed.

To also help with this stressful time, us girls at Sweaty Mama HQ have come up with a survival guide with our top 5 tips to get you through this festive period! We are being super duper kind this year.

  1. Get your partner to watch the children and take an hour for yourself having a long hot soak in the bath with your new book and a glass of baileys (have the rest of the bottle handy and lock the door so no little people can disturb you!)
  2. Grab your winter woollies and head out on a family walk. The kiddies can burn off some energy jumping in puddles so hopefully they will sleep well (I’m not promising this for you though) and the exercise will have you feeling de-stressed in no time.
  3. Once the kids are in bed, get on the couch with a glass of champers and cuddle up with your partner to a nice rom-com or comedy film – NO Christmas films, we’re trying to get away from this remember.
  4. Set time aside and spend some actual one-on-one time with your children. This one may surprise you, but spending some quality time with them playing with their new presents, with no other distractions like the mountain of washing or the pile of dirty plates, will actually make all of you feel so much better and less stressed.
  5. Don’t hate me for saying it, but EXERCISE! Exercising releases endorphins so it will make you feel like a brand new person and with our online Sweaty Mama 12 days of workouts you won’t even need to leave the house.

YEY for surviving Christmas for another year … Now onto New Years Eve/Day preparations.


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My favourite exercise is a long run, although swimming comes a close second.  In the gym I am partial to a core workout, it helps with the running!