Teething Twins

My lovely boys are now approaching the 9-month mark and so far, we’ve never had much trouble with teething…their first two bottom teeth came through when they were around 5 months old with no issue or fuss and generally seemed to appear overnight, strangely as well they appeared within weeks of each other (maybe it’s a twin thing!)

The only thing we had to face was their new found love of biting (my face being most popular) We soon invested in multiple teething rings, things/toys that could be put in the fridge because everyone warned us the worst is yet to come and then….nothing, no new teeth, no fuss, just love of biting with their new bottom teeth.

When Brayden (twin 1) was 8 months he all of sudden became very unsettled, very clingy. Next thing we knew he had a temperature and runny nose and I thought he was coming down with a cold, we’d been out to a soft play area not too long ago and I naturally assumed he’d picked it up from there UNTIL we saw his first top tooth pushing through and then it all made sense. So, we gave him his Calpol and teething rings fresh from the freezer, constant application of teething gel.

Teething is such a hard part of parenting, it’s a new experience to new mums and you feel so helpless because there’s nothing you can really do to help them. You just have to watch them cry and moan while chomping down on whatever cold thing you can give them hoping that will sooth the pain, he was so sleepy and wouldn’t leave my side, it was constant cuddles and naps (not that I minded the cuddles)

The teething gel really did help, it gave him a short burst of relief which let him crawl around with his brother & play but the whole experience did take it out of him, he always seemed so tired. Then within the week of that first top tooth breaking through, his second, third and fourth broke through as well. No wonder his was so irritable! More teething!

We also had our share of blood…when one of his top teeth broke through the skin really did split after he was chewing on a teething ring, he must of broke the skin on the ring I assume and there was blood, for a minute I was in complete shock as you can imagine, I saw blood, no idea it would be his teeth, he’s crying, I’m crying – total nightmare. But as I wiped the blood away I could see the skin around his second tooth splitting, a relief for me to know it wasn’t to serious but my heart broke for him thinking of the pain he was in.

My tips for teething (not that its anywhere near over for me)

Calpol – is a must, it helps with their temperature and pain

Teething rings – they really do give them something nice and cool to chomp down on

Teething gel – for that quick relief they need, this really helped Brayden!

CUDDLES – nothing beats a cuddle from mama

I still have a long teething road ahead of me, Theo (twin 2) is now starting to show the same signs Brayden did so can only think his are about to come, I’m always finding myself rubbing my finger along their gums checking for a tooth!

It’s a hard time for us mamas feeling so helpless to our babies…I feel a bit more prepared now for Theo but am totally dreading it at the same time

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