Triathlon Time!

Triathlon Time!

I will never forget the day Dan, my husband completed his first Triathlon. I wanted to keep shtum but I couldn’t hold it in “We are pregnant!” I announced that morning…oops!  I am going to stand by the fact that the good news motivated him to complete and smash his goal #triathlontime. Yes I (and bump) would take the credit! Not the months of training #pushtheboundaries.

Ever since watching him run over that finish line, my heart brimming with pride, I have been tempted for a bit of #Traithlontime myself.  However the fear of the unknown has stopped me from actually entering a Triathlon myself. Until now… Now it is #Triathlontime!!

On Sunday 15th April 2018 Dan and I will dive headfirst, literally into a 400m swim, hop on the bike for a 30km hilly ride around Clitheroe and then jump off and breeze into a 8km run. Simples no!? So I am hoping that this little mission will #motivatemamas across the North West and the UK to face those fears and #pushtheboundaries to take a leap into something that will be new, scary but exciting to work towards and achieve.

Each week I will do regular posts of my training, food snippets and maybe even a general rant as we work towards #Triathlontime and #Pushtheboundaries together.  Why not join in? In your own little way? This might be to go for a walk,  a short run for the first time in ages, or even enter a race! It might just be to #pushtheboundaries by coming to additional Sweaty Mama Groups to increase your fitness level or joining us at Sweaty Mama Bootcamp for some me time. The unknown often takes hold of us and the fear can lead us to think we aren’t capable and demoralise us. Take that fear and turn it around Mamas! Lets #pushtheboundaries for ourselves and each other to #motivatemamas everywhere. Be fierce and strong and take that leap into that something you have always thought about doing, but usually talked yourself out of… but not this time No! Lets do it Mamas!

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